Catalog of Our Most Popular Parts

Download Our Catalogue - For PC Users (Flip Book - 1,291KB)

Download our Catalogue - For PC or Mac Users (PDF format - 7,841KB)

Use this catalog as a guide, and search the online store using the part numbers in the catalog to get current prices, put them in your cart and checkout securely.  Be sure to register to take advantage of the full website. 

Tips For Using Our Electronic Catalogue

These instructions are for use on a Windows desktop. If you are using a different operating system, modify them to fit your software.

To download our Catalogue to your desktop:

1. Click on the Download Our Catalogue link above

2. A File Downloadwindow appears (The next steps are optional. If you don't choose to save the Catalogue, instead of doing steps a-c, choose the Open option, switch back to this browser window and continue with step 3. Please understand if you do not follow steps a-c, the next time you wish to use the Catalogue you will need to download it again).

a. select the Savebutton; a Savewindow will appear
b. select Desktopin the Save in:drop down box at the top of the window
c. click the Savebutton

You have successfully downloaded our Catalogue to your Desktop!

 To use our Catalogue effectively:

 1. Launch the Catalogue 209Wby double clicking on it's icon on your desktop

 2. Right click on empty space in your task bar located at the bottom of your screen
     and select the Show the Desktopoption

 3. The Catalogue is now displayed centered on you desktop.

 4. To browse the catalogue, select the Catalogue icon on your task bar. Clicking on
     any part of a page will "turn" it. Or, you can click on the handy "Index" feature
     located at the top right hand side of the page to find specific items you want to
     view. All page numbers in the index are "clickable".

If you need printed copies of a catalogue of selected parts, they are available for
a $6.00 mailing charge (continental US only). They can be ordered using part number KB-0904.  This catalog has a limited number of our more popular parts; the e-store and website is your true guide to what we have in stock.

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