Here's what a few customers have said about Klempf's British Parts.  If you'd like to share your story and your finished British cycle project, shoot us a note ( and we'll be sure to include it.


I found everything in order.  The old items that I ordered were in very good shape.  I liked the way you pakcaged each item in separate covers, including the part number.  Obviously, you are a very organized individual.  The prices are very reasonable.  Thanks again for your responsiveness"

-Ami in Washington.









“I’ll always call you first for BSA parts!”

–John in Wisconsin.







“Received my parts, was just what I was expecting.  I suspected you were heavily involved in your business due to the times of our communications and it was confirmed after reading the accompanying material.  I have a tendency to stick with a good deal when I find one; having said that I look forward to our future dealings.”

–Bob in Arizona.









“Thanks for the screwdriver and great service.  I will be back in touch for whatever else I need as I move through the project”

–Fred in Michigan.








"Dear Mitch, I am utterly blown away by your customer service skills, in a world of automated systems and rudes sales people your organization has placed you over the top!  I liked the lollipop and the information packet on washers for my handlebars.  You have gained a customer for life and I fully appreciate it!"

-Dennis in New Jersey.









"You have earned a customer for life.  My wife owns two small businesses.  We understand the value of good customer service.  Yours is great and it's obvious since I'm dealing directly with you, that you have great pride and enjoyment in what you do"

-Brian in Louisiana.









" your box of goodies.  I very much appreciate the Norton hat, bandanna, and can cooler that you included.  You are a class act and I really enjoy doing business with you.  I could only wish it was as easy to get parts for my other motorcycles.  I told the folks at the Ducati shop which takes 4 to 6 weeks to get parts from, that I am getting parts form my 35 year old Norton in two days and have been able to get everything I have needed so far..and they just scratch their heads.  Keep up the great work!"

-Rick in Alaska.









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