Meet the Klempfs

Mitch Klempf-The Boss

When it comes to outstanding parts knowledge and great customer service, Mitch Klempf brings it all together, making Klempf’s British Parts an industry leader for years to come.  Mitch’s love for british bikes started as a teenager, as he got off is Honda 90 and onto a ’64 Triumph Bonneville.  He’s raced his ’72 Trident on a Rob North frame to numerous victories.  And even then, he realized that keeping spare parts had it’s merits, as waiting for replacements was something his passion for riding wouldn’t tolerate.  Now, instead of having a collection of parts under his bed as a teenager, he’s got warehouses full of them!  Mitch’s inventory is quite comprehensive, and he knows parts inside and out-so he won’t sell you junk, and he’ll “treat the customer like I want to be treated”.  It’s no joke-most often you’ll talk to Mitch himself, and he’ll inspect most parts before they're packed.  Mitch enjoys riding his 2001 Triumph Sprint with his wife Julie every chance they get.

The following article published in Walneck's September 2007 issue of Biker of the Month, concerning Mitch's early racing career, may be of interest to some of our customers. The article is reprinted courtesy of WALNECK'S CLASSIC CYCLE TRADER®. Click here to view the article in pdf format.

The next article was published by the Dodge County Independent, and was highlighted in their popular Land of Dodge feature. The article talks about how Klempf's Bitish Parts got its start and where the business is at today. Click here to view the article in pdf format.

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Julie Klempf-The Real Boss Mitch may be the guy in charge, but any guy knows it’s the wife who’s the real boss!  Julie keeps us all straight, realistically.  Julie lends a hand in all parts of the business and has been for the last 20+ years!  Both Mitch and Julie live right outside Dodge Center, MN on the same plot of land Klempf’s parts warehouses sit on.  Julie has also worked as a nurse for the Mayo Clinic for over 20 years and is looking towards retirement from Mayo, so she can spend more time with her grandkids and her garden, and of course “work like dog” alongside the rest of us, pulling parts.
Rick Zillgitt-Employee of the Year,  Every Year! Rick currently lives with his wife in Dexter, MN, a town of 350 people.  He’s been at Klempf’s just shy of 5 years, and, believe it or not, he and Mitch worked together over 35 years ago at a motorcycle repair shop-he was the Honda mechanic, and Mitch was the Triumph guy!  Rick is an amazing guy to have in the shop, making sure parts are packed and shipped on time and keeping the vast array of parts we have organized.  Rick enjoys rebuilding and selling motorcycles, likes hunting and fishing, and has four children-and expecting his first grandchild.   He’s currently riding a 1995 Honda Goldwing (traitor!).
Chris Stubbs-The Son In Law Chris recently married Mitch’s youngest daughter, Elizabeth, in August of 2012, and the couple reside in Rochester, MN, with their 4-year-old daughter, Ayla.  Upon making the move from Denver in October of last year, Chris started lending a hand at Klempf’s.   Since then, he’s worked with Tim Tyler Design Group and Data Business Systems to integrate the parts inventory system with a secure, modern E-Store platform to allow customers to view detailed pictures, descriptions, and current prices-one of the most difficult things about searching for vintage parts.  Chris holds a degree in biology and one in chemistry, and is a research scientist by training.  He enjoys snowboarding, disc golf, brewing beer, playing guitar, and most of all: spending time with his new family!
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