Guide To Ordering Parts and Accessories

Searching Part Numbers

To search a part number, enter it in the all-numeric format.  If we stock the part, or any variants or supersedures, it will be displayed.  If you see an error message, try searching again but do not hit enter or click "search" right away; let the database smart search work for a second or two to display the part(s) first, then select a result from the drop down list.  Most of the time, the results are displayed alphabetically.  So, a native part number would be displayed first, a reproduction part with an "R" after the part number would be displayed second, and a used part with a "U" after the part number will be displayed third..  Because the database is so large, it sometimes "hiccups".  You can also access the search function by clicking "Search" next to "My Account" under the flag banner to the right.  See more tips below.

Checking Stock

To check stock on an item, click "Add to Cart".  If the item is available, it will be added to your cart.  If not, a message will flash above the Klempf's banner that reads "Out of Stock".

Used Parts

Used parts are inspected for problems before leaving our warehouse.  However, they are used parts and subject to imperfections, etc.  If we have pictures posted of used parts, the are not always exact representatives of what you'll receive.  Please inquire if you would like pictures of a particular part, and know that most often when you order one, we'll send you pictures of the exact one we expect to ship you for your final approval if needed.  No returns on used parts without prior approval; these are handled on a case-by-case basis.

Important-Register Before Purchasing!

You must register to order with us online.  Complete the registration form, then check the email account you used to register.  You will be sent a verification link that you must click through to activate your registration; this is a security precaution.  If you don't see an email within a couple minutes, be sure to check your SPAM settings; our email from could've made it in there.  Be sure to allow emails from

Once you're registered, you'll be able to complete orders.  Either search for part numbers or browse by part category.  Each part number has a "details" and "add to cart" button.  The details of each part will show a picture (if available) and any other pertinent information-like suggested parts.  For example, search 60-7267.  There are three cross-referenced parts that come up, a nut and two washers-all of which we strongly recommend purchasing with this petcock.  You can "add to cart" directly from that screen.

Once you have items in your cart, make sure the quanitities and part numbers are correct.  If you wish to remove items, click the box to the left of that part number, then click "update order", a black button, just below the line of check boxes.  This will submit your changes and refresh the order; any deletions made should be evident.  If you wish to change quantity, enter the desired quantity and click the same "update order" button.

When you are ready to checkout, enter your motorcycle details into the drop down menus and click "checkout".  You will be guided through the process.  Your card will be authorized (but not charged) for $10 above the total to provide any wiggle-room for changes in shipping or add-ins, as we cannot charge more than the card was authorized for during checkout.  Once your order is picked and weighed, your card will be charged for only the actual total and the $10 will be waived.  Expedited shipping may require a separate shipping payment depending on fees.  We will be contacting you by phone or email if you choose expedited shipping to follow up on these terms and complete the order.

**A NOTE FOR OUR INTERNATIONAL CUSTOMERS-You MUST pick "International Shipping" for $75.  Most likely, your order willl not cost this much to ship.  However, until we re-work our system a bit, it's the only way we can accommodate everyone.  You card will be authorized for the order total, the $10 order hold mentioned above, and the $75 shipping charge.  We will most likely contact you regarding your shipping method.  First Class International Package Service is less expensive, takes up to 2 weeks for delivery, and is acceptable for orders under 4 lbs. and under $400 in value.  If the package is over 4lbs or $400, we must use USPS Priority Mail International, which is about 20% more in cost and guaranteed delivery in about 10 days.  In either case, we will only charge you the actual shipping amount after we pack and weigh the package.  Most international orders to Austrailia, New Zealand, the UK, Canada, and Mexico are completed for less than $50, but it all depends on weight and dimensions.  We will contact you if there are unforeseen circumstances.

We carry the following name brands. Enter their name into the product search, browse by category, or search by part number. Use original part context during search… dashes, slashes, etc.

  • Lucas Electrics
  • Amal Carburetters & Parts
  • Renold Chain
  • Lockheed Brake Components
  • Hepolite Pistons & Rings
  • Glacier Engine Bearings
  • RHP Ball & Roller Bearings
  • Hayne-Ingleby Gaskets & Gasket Sets
  • Full Range of Special Tools
  • Wassell Exhaust Components
  • Cycle Shack Custom Exhaust Pipes
  • Full Range of Shocks & Springs
  • Acesa Whitworth Wrenches
  • Koken Whitworth Sockets
  • Haynes Repair Manuals
  • Factory Authorized Parts & Service Manuals
  • Factory Owners Handbooks
  • Dunlop Tires
  • AvonTires
  • Girling/Hagon Shocks
  • Doherty Control Cables
  • Barnett Throttle & Lever Assemblies
  • Tympanium Electronic Regulators
  • Premium Brand Batteries
  • Champion, NGK and Autolite Spark Plugs
  • Smith Gauges and Cables
  • Emgo Products

Part Number

All Triumph and BSA part numbers have been superseded from the old alpha-numeric system to an all-numeric system. Please refer to the Part Number Cconversion Chart.  You must search with the all-numeric system; although we have superseded part data in the system, we don't do conversions automatically.

Please read any notes in the product's description for important information.  These may include recommended variants for a part, information to accompany the part, or specific knowledge relating to choosing the right part.

Using the Search Function

When searching for part numbers, simply enter the part number you want to search for in the search bar to the upper left of the screen.  Keep in mind that there is a three digit minimum.  Some products behave strangely in search.  Bulbs, for example, often have a three digit number (like 410).  Searching 410 may not bring you the results you're looking for on the first page, because the numbers 4,1,0 are in a LOT of part numbers.  So, use the advanced search funtion to look within categories-in this example, select "Bulbs" and run the search again.  You'll find that this brings back much more accurate results.

A Guide to Codes and Part Numbers

As you shop, you may wonder where the part originated, if it is new or used, etc. Here are some of the codes we use to tag products with that information. Also check Mitch's Tips and the Technical Information pages for more information on the particular part(s) you're ordering.

Code Description of Code
KB-XXXX KB signifies an internal part number, which many parts have.  Often, if a part number (or group of part numbers), that were later given one part number are entered into the site’s search, it will automatically direct you to the current part and part number.  For example, if a dated number is entered, like the “old” part numbering scheme starting with a letter (F1214), it will be superceded by a manufacturer number (82-1214, because F=82) and finally may be superceded by one of our internal part numbers (KB-1214).
ASSY In part number or description this means the part(s) are sold as an assembly.
xx-xxxxU The U at the end of the part number means it is used, and the price will reflect that.  If you need more pictures or details on a used part, drop us a line with the part number in question at
xx-xxxxR The R at the end of the part number signifies a reproduction part UNLESS an R is part of the original part number (like cam followers, for example).
70-5957/8 Pairs of parts (exhaust pipes, rubbers, etc.) are sold in pairs and are sometimes available as singles.  In the example, the right hand (70-5957) and left hand (70-5958) numbers are combined for a pair (70-5957/8).  Multiple slashes (warning lights, part no. 54363453/4/5) are the complete set.

**Some part numbers have a slash as part of the original number and do not follow this trend, like Amal Carbeuretter parts (xxx/xxx).

xxxxxxx The original part number followed by a J indicates an oriental reproduction part.
XXXXXXE An E on the end may denote an English made part (as opposed to Oriental).
XXXXH Heavy Duty.  Most likely the recommended choice for longevity.
GA-xxxxTE The TE at the end of the part number indicates Top End, for gasket sets (GA) in particular.
GA-xxxxFS An FS at the end of the part number indicates full set, for a full gasket set (GA) needed for an engine rebuild.
BOSCH Bosch parts (spark plugs for example)
CHAMP Champion parts
S-KIT  Screw kits, for primary covers, gearbox cover, and timing side covers
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